Nothing can brush past my eyes.

  You've turned to beer far too often

  ever since our love froze over.

  Back then, only belts could keep me together,

  until you became the light of my world

  and kidnapped my heart.

  I felt every poke you gave

  and danced to every song you sang,

  but now I've thought of all the time

  and all the days

  I made you breakfast

  and you only shut the door.

  How many calls have we missed?

  How blind was I to the truth?

  What is the point of continuing this battle,

  if nothing will be recorded,

  if no doors will unlock.

  If there are no laughs,

  if there are no flowers,

  if there is no fire in your heart.

  No more stupid hats.

  No more collecting mud.

  No more time wasted

  to your savage hunger.

  I will erase all these connections

  until your character shrinks away.

  If you get this message,

  I want none of your secrets.

  It's finished between us.

  I want someone else.

  Someone smart,

  who won't cut me into pieces,

  and luck is on my side.

  It's over between us.

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